Gluteywear Meets Fashion

I recently came across a brand called Glutey wear via a friend of mine Amy Quine (check her out, she is an amazing personal trainer and fitness model, her page inspires me every day).

She wears this particular brand of leggings quite a bit and I loved how much it seemed to flatter the shape of a woman’s body. I always struggle with sportswear and leggings in general not fitting me properly around the waist.

If it fits my waist it’s far too tight elsewhere and flattens my bum ..and a girl’s not out here never missing a leg day to have my gains hidden by poorly fitting leggings! haha!!

These leggings have gorgeous ruching detail which really compliments the shape of your bum and helps it look nice & peachy. They also feature a thick and supportive high waist which I love & this doesn’t loosen whilst working out, supporting your stomach and at the same time creating a flattering shape for your hips. I personally love the shape high waisted leggings give & if you tend to carry weight around the top of your hips & one of your ‘problem areas’ are love handles this is a great option for smoothing this area out.

Another thing I struggle with is the waistband of sports leggings. If it’s not the gaping hole at the back its the fact that the waistband loosens as you wear them and I find myself having to hoist my leggings back up, which is both unflattering and impractical. I was so pleased that these not only stayed in place but felt incredibly comfortable and unrestrictive whilst doing so.

I went ahead with getting a high waisted black pair and found myself wearing them even on days when not working out.

I particularly loved them for travelling in recently, I threw on a cosy jumper & as the material is nice and opaque with minimal branding it simply looked like I was wearing high waisted fashion leggings, I was then able to just switch out my jumper for a sports top later on in the evening for my workout, so I loved the versatility of being able to wear these in a few different ways!

You can check out their page here. Their Instagram features images of fit and strong women of all shapes, which is both amazing & inspiring to see. I can’t wait to see how they expand their collection.

Gina Faria


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