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How to build your confidence

How to build your confidence

Confidence isn’t always something we are born with, confidence is something we develop through experiences in life, and positive self-talk. But with the world of social media showing the ‘perfect lives/bodies’ our view of reality becomes a warped sense of ‘perfection’ (which FYI does not exist!). We begin striving towards these unreal expectations, and when we cannot meet them (because they do not exist) it can significantly impact our confidence and self-esteem. Fitness in particular can be something that can reduce our confidence whilst we are striving to improve it, this is purely based on the fact we struggle to differentiate between working towards our goals and feeling successful along the journey as our minds are so focused on achieving more.

“I will be more confident once I’ve lost X amount of weight“
“I will look better if I lose this final 2% of body fat”
Can you relate?

Getting hung up on the way you look is a waste of precious time and energy, and sometimes, it takes something pretty drastic to put things into perspective. Rather focusing on the bad, make a list of what you’re thankful for - those closest to you, your career, your home, your health. Others dream of having what you’ve got.

Take the time to be mindful and appreciative of all the lovely things in your life right this moment, and how you can nourish them even further in the future.

Tips for building your confidence:

Take a digital detox!
Scrolling through Facebook / Instagram can be an unhealthy distraction if you’re suffering from poor body confidence. Social media isn’t a reality, it’s just all the bits your friends want you to see. So don’t get swept up in the ‘great things they’re getting up to’ or ‘how amazing they look.’ Concentrate on yourself. They have down days too, we’re sure of it.

Create a separate Instagram account with only positive messages and affirmations, read through this when you feel the urge to scroll through your personal Instagram account.

Positive self-talk
When your inner voice starts to bad mouth the way you look, stop and ask yourself - would you speak to your best friend like that? Or how would you feel if you heard someone else talking to them like that? Sometimes we don’t give ourselves the respect we deserve. Whenever you’re tempted to call yourself derogatory names, hit the pause button and switch it to something complimentary. You deserve better.

Ditch the negativity
Not just your thoughts, everything. If certain friends or family members only have negative things to say or make comments that hurt your feelings, steer clear. Surround yourself with people who support you and only want the best for you. People who project negativity and nastiness are massively insecure and say mean things to make themselves feel better.

Find new friends who are fun to be around and don’t put you down. Getting out there and socialising can be a huge confidence boost.

Express yourself!
When you’ve low self-esteem, it’s easy to fall into the habit of wearing things that hide your body. Whilst it’s wise to dress for your shape, you shouldn’t shy away from wearing clothes that you like and make you feel good. Revamp your wardrobe with clothes that you feel both comfortable and stylish in. You’re your own worst enemy at times and sometimes life’s little luxuries can be just the pick-me-up you need to feel amazing.

Stop seeking approval from others
Try to avoid looking to others for opinions on how you look or worrying what others think because 9 times out of 10.. others are not thinking about you the way you’re thinking about yourself. They are too busy worrying what others are thinking of them too!

By stopping seeking approval from others, the only person's approval you need is your own. But first, you must create realistic expectations of what you want to achieve whether that's a fitness goal, work goal or a personal goal. Then you must understand how to be grateful and appreciate the journey rather than the end result.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more blogs from Gluteywear! If there are any topics you’d like us to cover, please email us at

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