The process by which a person's character or abilities are gradually developed. "graduates have stressed the value of their courses for self-development"

What is self-development? Self-development helps you learn mindset developmental skills
Self-development is not the same as motivational speakers
It will allow you to

  • Understand your emotions
  • How to address them
  • How to trust them
  • How to live a calmer and happier life
  • Self-care isn’t always kind – you have to call yourself out on things YOU are doing which is hindering your happiness

Why should you start? If you’re already a happy and successful individual, that’s fantastic - but self-development should never be disregarded. Our lives are a rollercoaster, so it’s likely that you’ll experience up and downs with your emotions, careers, relationships etc
  • If you had a sore back, you’d do what was required to relieve yourself of pain.
  • Self-development applies in the same way. If you’re going through difficult times, this is causing you pain and distress – this is why self-development is important
  • You have to go inwards before you go outwards – self-development will allow you to attract the right people into your life.
  • You will become a better person to those around you – granted they are the right people to be around!

How do you start?
  • Aligning your thoughts with your emotions – sit and ask what you want to change in your life in general and also in your daily life.
  • Ask yourself what makes you happy and sad – create a list
  • Practice your perfect day EVERYDAY - write a list of your ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ this can be from music you like, smells, clothes, to people, emotions, feelings, habits.
  • Eliminate the sad and replace with happy – example – if you’re having a bad day, recognize that and do not allow it to emotionally get worse – stop taking calls from those who make you feel worse.
  • Routine – just as you wake at a certain time, brush your teeth etc your emotions operate in the same way. If you continually allow sadness in your life, your mind and soul will recognize this as ‘normal’ therefore you need to address why you’re sad. The subconscious mind will then align with your conscious mind
  • Take time out for yourself, this will allow your thought process to become clearer.
How do I know what is making me happy and sad?
  • There can be things in our lives, that regardless of self- development, they will remain in our lives as something that is making us sad – for example, a family member being ill.
  • We must recognise the difference between the things we can and cannot control.
  • However self-development will allow you to be in a calmer mental state, to avoid the sadness we cannot control flooding into our daily lives.

How do you start?
  • Books/YouTube/Podcasts – however, until you understand what it is within you that you’re self-developing you will not absorb these materials

How long does it take?
Self-development is a continued pattern that requires practice and consistency, it can take you days, weeks, months or years to understand and develop. Then you will subconsciously remain in a positive developed state with a set of new skills and habits which support your evolution and development.

1. Starting
2. Understanding
3. Practicing
4. Sustaining
5. Evolving into the new you

Once you understand yourself more and more, creating the perfect day will be something you just do.

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