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On the 10th October (World Mental Health Day), we saw a lot of online presence and awareness being raised through social media around the topic of mental health.

After researching the statics and reasons behind mental health, studies revealed twice as many women in comparison to men are diagnosed with mental health. So after further research as to why this was, the most common reason was due women having lower self-esteem and confidence, which mainly developed from the comparison of other women they see online.

Gluteywear wants to spread the message and build a community of women empowerment, and we want you to spread this message with us.

We are using the hashtag, #StrengthBeautyPower to represent that we are all strong, beautiful and powerful, regardless of shape, size, appearance, beliefs, ethnicity, religion.

We want to use this hashtag to show the world, that we are Stronger Together.

How can health and fitness benefit your mental health?..

Exercise has many physical benefits, but the mental positives are huge to. Whether you use long steady cardio sessions to process your thoughts, or a blast of high intensity training to clear your mind of anything but how hard the exercise is, you can get your mind in great shape alongside your body.

Not only does exercise release endorphins (the hormone that makes us feel happy), but when we set goals and achieve them it gives a great sense of accomplishment!

Health and fitness have many benefits, it can help you focus on something else other than what is going on in your daily life, it can give you an hour or two, to completely zone out, and focus on yourself.

Additionally, a lot of women face body image struggles, if you asked 10 women in the street would they change anything about their body, it’s likely that they all would. Some women want to lose weight, get fitter, have smaller thighs, or bigger thighs, a smaller waist, a bigger bum, whatever their personal interpretation of the ideal body is. (Let me let you in on a secret… there is no ideal or perfect body) the closest to a perfect body is the one you feel your best in, the one that makes you happiest. It is whatever shape and size you are that carries the biggest smile.. not the biggest glutes!

In today’s society, especially with the rise of social media, a lot of women are comparing themselves to those they see online, which can create body insecurities. Because let’s face it, non of us post our worst photo, we all post our best photo, in the best lighting, and the best angle, which isn’t a bad thing, we all want to look our best! However, from the viewer on the other side of the phone, they are seeing a perfectly angled photos, and assume that’s how an individual may look all the time, when in reality, the girl in the photo doesn’t look like that all of the time. This can have a negative effect on females because we paint a ‘perfect’ image that is constantly on our phones every single day, and can result in us scrutinizing ourselves and comparing.

Gluteywear ethos are we want every women to feel as confident as they possibly could, we can do that through the clothes we wear.. we also believe health and fitness can improve a sense of confidence. Which is how Gluteywear was born.

This movement we are creating #StrengthBeautyPower, isn’t about realising the girl in the perfect photo doesn’t really look like that all of the time.. it’s about not comparing yourself to anyone other than the person you were yesterday. It’s about focusing on YOU, your mental STRENGTH, your BEAUTY, and your individuality which is your superPOWER!

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