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As part of the new collection of Gluteywear, we have created a campaign to help us create a community and spread the message and ethos behind Gluteywear. We want each and every person to feel stronger, beautiful and powerful. We want to bring all females together with this message, because we are stronger together #StrengthBeautyPower

By creating a community of strong powerful women, from all backgrounds, we can all learn from each other, and become stronger and stronger. Rather than watching and learning from the glorifications of the media, magazines, and tv shows, which do not portray reality. We want everyone to share your journeys, share your thoughts, share the books you’re reading, share a quote, whatever motivates you, something that challenges you, something that helps you learn, makes you stronger, tell us a story, an experience a struggle, how you over came it, whatever it may be, let’s share it through the #StrengthBeautyPower hashtag so we can all learn from one another.

Even in today’s modern society, we are still faced with gender equality, racism, and body shaming. On top of this, we are faced with the pressure from social media to look, act and perform a certain way. So we want to bring this community together to feel more powerful than ever, we want to spread the message and the importance of supporting one another, the importance of loving yourself, the importance of realising how beautiful, strong and powerful you are as an individual, and how much stronger we are together.

We are all different, and that’s what makes is unique. Nobody is perfect, but a lot of us do not realise that, we often think everyone else has it together, or nobody else has insecurities… by bringing more females together, the message will be spread, women all over will begin feeling better about themselves.

Meet our girls!

My name is Chemise Isaac and I am the founder and managing director of Femme Fatale. Female empowerment is everything that I believe in. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing women encourage, support, and empower each other. It’s so important for us to recognize our strengths, be in control of our lives, be aware of our capabilities and always be ready to take on our biggest dreams. I was raised by an empowered woman and refuse to be anything less 👑
Follow Chemise on Instagram @chemiseisaac

My name is Jade Lavinia. Female empowerment is something I feel so passionately about and is something I enforce in day to day life as well as in my dance classes. When females support one other, magical things’ happen. Life isn’t a competition. We can all win!
Follow Jade on Instagram @jaderumens

My name is Naomi McKenzie, a goal of mine would be to motivate others and become an ambassador for young females around the world that could give them hope in life. Empowering other women is a such a beautiful, powerful and uplifting tool in society as humans – it gives genuine hope and a strong energy to those with quieter voices & doubtful minds a chance. I’ve always believed that another females success isn’t a dismal of my own. we are much stronger as one than against each another.
Follow Naomi on Instagram @naomimckenzie7

My name is Samantha Martina Dewhurst and self employed freelance basis fashion and fitness influencer. I am passionate about educating young women about the power of movement and how it can influence our mental wellbeing (not just the physical!) I have a community of over 70,000 women who I support in building confidence and self esteem through fashion & fitness. I am also a mental wellness ambassador and content creator for online platform Crazy Creative Cool. In this role of ambassador, I create content that builds self esteem in young women and open raw and real conversations. I enjoy supporting the CCC mission to provide tools and support for young minds, as self care and self love are two subjects I am very passionate about.
Follow Samantha on Instagram @samdewhurstofficial

My name is Jessica Banks, and I am a single mum to my beautiful daughter, Olivia-Scarlett. I have competed 4 times prior to giving birth to Olivia, but health and fitness is still my passion. It is difficult to juggle a young baby on your own, a career and a fitness regime! I want to prove to women, that you are strong enough to support yourself and your children if you are in a similar situation to myself. I also want to help women understand that even though our children are our priority, we can still prioritise ourself in our health and fitness journeys to feel confident and ensure our health is optimal for as long as possible, for the sake of our children!
Follow Jess on Instagram @Jess_littlelegs
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