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The Birth of Gluteywear

The Birth of Gluteywear

 Hey thank you for stopping by and showing some love!

I first launched Gluteywear because I could never find any leggings also tops that fitted my body correctly.  Due to the size of my legs compared to my waist, the leggings where either too baggy around my waist or they gave me a flat butt because the compression of the fabric was too thick.  Others where see threw so I had to tie a jumper around my waist when I performed certain exercises, or they were not durable enough when I was training.  To be honest I just did not feel confident in anything because of this.


That's when I thought.  I want women to feel confident and amazing, Gym wear is not just gym wear anymore, we wear it everyday, so you want clothes that look fashionable and you want to feel good because when you feel confident about yourself you want to train harder, you want to go out.  The gym is our social network and our gym clothes are our going out wear to make us feel amazing wherever we are.


Gluteywear is not just a brand it is a community of women who stand together stronger than ever. Every product is designed with detail and passion to bring fashion, comfort, durability and made you feel good wherever you are. Fitness wear is the new everyday wear and its time to embrace our strength, beauty and power.

Our mission is very clear. Every women deserves to feel amazing in their own skin.


Carly Thornton

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