The Power of Positivity!

The Power of Positivity!

Having a positive mindset is one of best things for us and our wellbeing but it’s not always consistent or easy to achieve. It sort of comes and goes depending on the circumstances and people around us, and we have to work at keeping it. If you struggle with staying positive, it can have strong implications for the way you live your life – the decisions you make and the actions you take. You might do things that you regret or miss opportunities which could have seen huge personal development. For this reason, I always encourage people to consider certain factors to be more positive people and to train the mind into being a hub of positive energy and then react in line with this optimistic thinking.

Can it really benefit us?
The power of a positive mind is incredibly far-reaching and taps into many different aspects of our being. Just take a read of the following:

  • Our Mindset (well, obviously!). It can increase our mental awareness and have a really noticeable impact on the way we think about situations which in turn can alter the way we react and our behaviour on a day-to-day basis.

  • Our Body. There is a large pool of study that suggests positive thoughts can manifest a fitter, stronger person by actually altering brain chemistry. According to these researchers, our genetic make-up is determined by our thoughts, attitudes and perceptions, implying that we can change the course of our life and even avoid ill-health by changing the way we think.

  • Our Health. Continuing with the above point, there is a belief that we can become healthier individuals by adopting the ‘my glass is half full’ mindset. Meditation and mindfulness may have more of an impact than you think – these practices could change the way your cells behave on a physiological level and actually change the state of your physical well-being. If a positive mind can, in fact, affect both mind and body, it will improve our holistic health which goes beyond our physical well-being.

  • Our Relationships. Whilst our relationships can affect our ability to think positively, equally, our positive thoughts can affect our relationships – and not just the ones we are currently part of. It’s true to say that the way we view and think about ourselves can encourage new relationships and the people that we become involved with. Surrounding ourselves with positive, uplifting people who emit good energy is important as it will encourage us to do similarly and help to train our brain into this way of thinking.

  • Our Work. If we maintain a strong, positive mind, it is more likely that we will become go-getters. We’ll more likely grab opportunities as they arise and work hard for what we want to achieve. We’ll more likely be a stronger, resilient person because of our sense of self. Positive thinking encourages self-confidence – you can’t deny it – and this is an extremely important tool in the pursuit of success.

You might now be wondering how you put the power of positivity into action. What do you need to do to achieve it (and keep it) on a regular basis to ensure you lead a happier life?

1. Practice Positivity.

As testing times rear up, you should understand and have a belief in yourself that you need, want, can change the situation. Your positive perception of exterior circumstances has a massive impact on your own being – you can decide how to respond to a particular event and ultimately affects the way you choose to be. By practicing positivity, actively pursuing it and being more aware, it’s likely you can catch negative thoughts instantly and reverse them.

2. Put in the Work.

Finding positive aspects in all that you do is not easy. It takes constant work, daily practice until we start to implement healthier habits without even realising it. It may seem like a repetitive continuous cycle but it’s an important one. You should work to read situations carefully and interact in a way that is encouraging and uplifting – a practice that is worth it if it makes you a happier, more optimistic person.

3. Be a ‘Yes’ Woman.

Be more assertive in your attitude and prove to yourself that you can accomplish and succeed at the tasks handed to you. It’ll do wonders for building character and strength and it could open doors to new, exciting opportunities but most importantly, it will teach you more about confidence, pride and self-esteem.

4. Build Positive Networks.

Expand your social circles and make new friends. Don’t be afraid to connect with others and build new bridges. People are an incredibly powerful tool and can teach you a lot about yourself that you never even realised yourself. I can only advise to always be non-judgemental and open when meeting new people – they can bring out the best in you and allow you to strengthen and develop parts of your own personality and character.

5. Aim High.

A positive mindset will always stand you in good stead to set goals that once seemed impossible. Equally, any achievement or accomplishment will feed you happiness and positivity in return. You should shake off former feelings of inadequacy and failure and replace them with self-assurance and optimism. Succeed or fail, there is certainly something to be said about trying and developing strengths along the way.

    If you are looking to change the way you think and reap the benefits of the positive mind, I suggest you take even just a couple of things away from this post and make a real effort to implement them into your own life. By practising positive habits and filling up your glass as it were, you will be able to re-focus your perception of situations, react accordingly and encourage positive thought within yourself. It’s one of those things that seems so out of your control when actually there’s so much you can do to elicit change.


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