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Top Tips For Reaching Your ULTIMATE Body!

Top Tips For Reaching Your ULTIMATE Body!

When a physique or training goal is set, dedication and focus are paramount to succeeding so nothing can be overlooked. Whilst it might not be super glam, it certainly pays to be prepared with your nutrition. Within fast-paced modern-day life, it becomes very easy to neglect our health – often our thoughts are so far removed from our own self-care that we skip meals and then make poor food decisions, and then of course, we suffer the consequences.

It’s often the well-known vicious cycle of not eating enough, feeling the energy drop and then reaching for unhealthy convenience foods to fill our tum and feed our brain. Every single day.

Well, being too busy to eat is not a valid excuse, so take some time to make a plan and figure out the easiest way for you to hit calorie and micronutrient targets to stay on top of your health and give your body the energy it needs.

  1. Go Tupperware Crazy

    You won’t get very far if you don’t have the appropriate gear. Hit the shops and wade through the mountain of tupperware varieties to find the ones that suit you best. There are some pretty cool lunch boxes around now, all delivering unique features to make transporting and keeping food fresh easier. Cracking a plastic tub out these days is not as unusual as it once was so join the crowd of mindful eaters to keep yourself feeling satiated and energised, even through the busiest of days.

  2. Write a Shopping List

    Plan your meals before you hit the supermarket. Ok, so this sounds obvious but sometimes we’re tempted to have a look around and build meals based on what we find. It could see you wasting time and effort as you’re sure to miss things off the list and feel stress levels rise – this could be a time when too much choice is detrimental. Instead, plan your meals ahead of your food shop so it’s very clear and concise – you’ll spend a lot less time thinking, debating and questioning and it’ll make the whole process much more enjoyable and time efficient.

  3. Schedule a Time

    Make sure you dedicate some time to actually complete food prep and aim to get it done in one go. It can feel like a mammoth task but actually once you get going, it doesn’t take long at all. Practice makes perfect – the whole process will become quicker and easier the more you do it. My advice would be to set aside some time just once a week and please remember, this doesn’t mean you need to weigh every food item to the gram, it just means you need to get meals together so you are ready for the days that follow. If you’re super organised, consider freezing your favourite meals to last you to the end of the week.

  4. Stock up on Snacks

    There are plenty of long-life snacks that you can easily carry on the go to keep your energy topped up. The ease of this will decrease the likelihood of skipping meals and also reduce prep time. Think nuts, dried and fresh fruit, rice cakes, granola, health bars and protein powder for your handbag so you are always prepared. Alternatively, there might be places you know you can access easily to get your favourite yoghurt or smoothie but be aware of the expense of doing this daily and also make sure you can eat it whilst it’s chilled.

  5. Eat to your Tastes

    And finally, make it enjoyable. It’s common sense really – if you’re not actually enjoying the food you eat, it’ll make life miserable! Don’t plan meals that you don’t like, or blindly follow what others eat because you think you should be eating that too. Aim for balanced macronutrients, a good dose of micronutrients and an appropriate overall calorie intake within foods that you find tasty and satiating.

I want to emphasise this post is not to encourage an obsession with food and food prep – I don’t advise constantly weighing and measuring foods or living this way permanently. This is simply a very effective strategy if you are a busy person who’s finding their nutrition and health is slipping as a result of their heavy workload. Plus, it’s about empowering yourself through having a good understanding of what you put into your body and keeps you focused for your own personal goals. Life will feel a little more structured and you’ll find it can relieve stress if you take the time to look after your health this way. We should strive to feel good, inside and out and have plenty of energy to accomplish everything we want – this is just one piece of the puzzle that can unlock the door to your own happiness, so use it.

Stay gluteyful girls!
Serene x

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