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Your 2020 Action List

Your 2020 Action List

Starting the new year is the best time to create new habits, to take action, and to make sure that you will be the best version of you from now on. Success is falling 9 times but getting up 10. It’s what action you take from now on that matters, so we have put together an action list to you help you along the way.

1- Maintain a positive attitude.

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. Having an optimistic mindset will attract positive energy, and this energy will help you if something doesn’t go quite to plan.

2- Be kind to yourself.

Say something kind to yourself every day, write it down, say it in the mirror, or any other way that works for you. Work on positive words rather than putting yourself down.

3- It’s ok to not be in control of everything

Being busy and productive is great, but it’s also ok if we fall behind on certain things. Don’t beat yourself up about not being on top of everything. Take a deep breath, read your action list, and start again.

4- Write things down.

If we allow too much to sit in our heads, it becomes stressful, and we struggle to think clearly. Write down whatever is on your mind. That way, you can have a clear head, rested mind, and take on each day like the badass you are.

5- ME ME ME ME time!

Don’t forget about you. Go for a 20-60 minute walk whenever you can so that you can gather your thoughts and recharge.

6- Things take time.

Remind yourself that some things take time and that not everything happens overnight. Be patient, be positive, and believe that good things WILL happen.

7- You are amazing!

Take the time to remind yourself of your strengths, your achievements, and what an amazing woman you are.

8- Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Everything will fall into place in time. You just need to focus on the positivity and drive behind your dreams.

9- Nobody is perfect.

It’s not about being the perfect person, it’s about becoming the best version of you, and being self-aware.

10- Don’t stop believing!

2020 is your year, and you’ve got this! Don’t lose sight of your dreams. Stay Positive. Follow your action list. Watch the magic happen!

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