Gluteywear was established in 2017 with the vision of designing premium fitness wear that complemented every body shape .

The challenge started because Carly could never find clothing that met all of her specific needs. Many brands that she tried, catered for certain needs, but never all of the fundamental elements, such as fit, quality, fabric/feel, durability, flexibility, fashion/style and being squat proof.

Not finding any clothing that fitted correctly provided Carly with everything she required and in turn made her confidence fall. She loved to train yet the clothes would not show this off and had the reverse effect. Studies prove that if you do not feel confident in your clothes you will not perform your best. Clothing should uplift you and encourage you to achieve your best goals. Carlys goal is to bring a new movement and a strong community for women, to support one another and be proud of the women they are today.

About Carly

Carly cared for disabled children and worked in child protection for 10 years. She started to become serious about fitness when she was 21 years old. Before this she shied away from any form of exercise due to low confidence. After realising that the only person who could change her for the better was her, she decided to turn everything around. Fitness became her love and passion, resulting in competing in fitness and bodybuilding events, later being awarded her professional status as an athlete. This is when she started to see a huge gap in the clothing industry and she made her struggles and challenges a vision of power, turning Gluteywear into a reality.

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