About Us: Gluteywear

Gluteywear is a woman-centred sportswear and active-wear brand based in the UK, designed by Carly Thornton - a former bodybuilder and professional athlete. 

Carly's aim was to design clothes, which both complemented and empowered women who train. Her priority was to make sure the clothes were not only durable and high-quality, but also, stylish and comfortable. 

The idea is for women to put Gluteywear on before they train and feel that electrifying boost in both energy and confidence. 

You'll look in the mirror and think DAMN, I am CRUSHING IT. 

Gluteywear was established in 2017 in Carly’s garage. In order to create the perfect clothing she had to consider whether it was squat proof, durable, lightweight or comfortable enough for a hard-working, training woman. Not only that, but making sure that, with each and every minor alteration, the waistband and scrunch detailing was perfect. Previously on the market, there had never quite been anything which fitted all of these categories, until now. 

You will want to train harder. 

You will feel amazing in the luxurious quality and fit of every product.

Gluteywear represents a community, a lifestyle and a feeling. 

Gluteywear is ultimately a statement that says you not only love a fitness lifestyle, but that, you are here to empower each other. The Gluteywear ethos is all about rising together, fulfilling your ambitions and building strength, beauty and power, and always as a team. 

We want you to be a part of this revolution. Are you ready?