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about us

Gluteywear was established in 2018, and the birth of this beautiful vision came from a place of profound authenticity that turned out to speak to thousands of ladies across the globe. 

It wasn’t just about creating a premium athleisure brand which represented current and stylish clothing design to comfort ladies during training - it was something far greater.

When Founding CEO IFBB Pro Wellness Athlete Carly Thornton first started out on her fitness evolution, it quickly became known to her that the majority of outfits available in the current market simply highlighted the areas of her body that she wanted to improve. 

Gluteywear prides itself on designing world class outfits shaped and designed to emphasise and physically support the areas that Ladies feel are exposed during lifestyle or bodybuilding workouts.

Our signature scrunch leggings, to our supported Cross-back Bras provide confidence before, during and after the transformation is secured.

Who is


People may see an enthusiastic successful entrepreneur and they have every reason too, but what were the foundations to Carly T realising her true potential?

Way before she started her journey to become her ultimate self, Carly spent 10 hours a day caring for disabled children and also working in child protection for 10 years. It was during this time that she realised that achieving personal success through growing in self confidence would be the ultimate way to positively influence hundreds of thousands of children around the world to follow their dreams regardless of their current situation.

Aged 21 the decision was made to embark on a trajectory of personal development and fitness growth that would inspire people to believe in themselves based on the work they were willing to put in, in order to feel confident and fulfilled as individuals.

21 years later, a 4 time British Champion and IFBB Professional Wellness Athlete, the message has become more profound than ever…

You don’t get in life what you are served, you get what you make from the hand that you are dealt.