28th September

We are excited to bring you our next networking event. With feedback, we realised how much it helped and benefited each individual by bringing everyone together as a community and making new friends. Our team of strong, ambitious women are here to help ignite your confidence and unlock your power to empower you to become your best and excel in everything you do.

Meet some of our speakers:

Phoebe Hagan

I am an IFBB Bikini Pro, Youtuber, Online Fitness Coach and obsessed with helping people improve their mindset.

I have been a competitive bikini athlete for 4 years and competed all over the globe. Bodybuilding has taught me many things about myself, dedication, sacrifice and many more, but most importantly, it’s taught me how to switch my mindset to achieving what I want to achieve.

In the process of getting my professional status in 2018, I created a hashtag called #KnowYourOwnAbility, and this represented that if you set your mindset up in the right way, you CAN achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to. I am honoured to be able to talk about how I created this mindset for myself at the GluteyWear event. The power of habits will be going through what is stopping you from moving forward on things you want to achieve, why you feel like you can’t do something and breaking through by setting new habits for you to work on for that positive mindset!

Kerry Sexton

My name is Kerry sexton. I am a bikini competitor who has won many titles across the world since 2016, holding pro status with PCA and British and international titles too. I have overcome an eating disorder, I am an online coach who is very passionate in mental health and well being around body image and nutrition as well as prepping clients for shows too. I am a posing coach, and I have my own brand called pretty strong who specialise in lifting tools for women which are designed to support & empower women of all shapes and sizes comfortably as we deserve, there are way to many unisex brands out there!

Karen Jones

Karen Jones is a mother of three children had her first child at 16yrs old putting on over 4st in weight losing this weight quickly and unhealthily spent many years yo-yo dieting never finding anything long term that worked until she discovered fitness and the combination of healthy eating and exercise, and has stayed the same healthy weight for over a decade. Karen is now the founder and director of “Happy You Happy Body” Some like to call her a Fitness Guru, she likes to be known as Happy Body Creator. After finding a cure for her own post natal depression after her last child was born taking up running, going on to run in the London Marathon at the age of 38, she now calls herself a Dynamic Fitness Trainer, teaching fitness through one to one's,, group Bootcamps, Power Yoga Classes. Specialising in home fitness training after taking part in a bikini fitness contest at the age of 47 not touching a gym to get her body contest ready. Currently training to be a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. A published Author of her Happy You Happy Body Book and a National Public Speaker speaking about her passion and love of fitness and mission to create a world full of happy healthy bodies, how she not only overcame depression without taking medication also telling her own personal story of how she survived and thrived a toxic abusive relationship. Karen embraces life, growing older although hasn't had the easiest of lives believes out of adversity will come your strength. Runner up two years running for regional Women's Champion and Health Champion. Her mantra is I GET BETTER AS I GET OLDER.


Frankie reveals how meditation and mindfulness can benefit the westerners daily life. Discover how meditation is easily accessible for all and that what may be preventing you from being more conscious need not hold you back from discovering a deeper connection with oneself. This talk will leave you feeling more at ease with the idea of both mindfulness and meditation and lead you on the right path for self-compassion and discovery.

Laura Hayter

I first got into fitness around 6/7 years ago. I had to move towns, which meant I had to try and make new friends so I joined an outside boot camp and my interest grew from there. The progress I was seeing and the empowerment it made me feel within myself was all the motivation I needed to join a nearby gym. I found the gym to be my escape from reality - anxiety and depression.

Earlier this year, I went through a horrendous relationship break up, and it’s only recently. I’ve realised I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. This led me to break down, poor mental health, suicidal ideation and homelessness.

I had two choices at this point, either accept the help and support around me or allow my ill mental health to consume me. It wasn’t until I hit my lowest point that I realised it didn’t have to be the end. My life didn’t have to continue to be like this. With the right help, I can change how I feel about myself and build my confidence back up. The gym played and still does play a massive part in my recovery process, which I am still on. It’s the only place where my mind feels free, and it has given me something positive to focus on. I’ve made the best of friends from the gym, and it’s given me the opportunity to meet so many other like-minded people!


My Mental Health Journey: Greif, Psychology and Finding myself

Hey, I’m Sam, I’m a 26-year-old PhD researcher in Psychology at the University of Huddersfield. My mental health journey started back in 2014, when I lost my Grandma to lung cancer during my undergraduate degree. I was heartbroken and filled with grief. I felt guilty and honestly didn’t know my purpose. I’ll be sharing my own mental health journey, overcoming guilt, imposter syndrome and finding myself! I now want to support and empower others to find their purpose, build their confidence, educate and raise awareness about mental health. I have an undergraduate degree in Forensic Psychology, a Masters degree in Investigative Psychology and 6 years of experience working in forensic mental health. I guest lecture at the university of central Lancashire on psychology and the media module raising awareness of how mental health is perceived in the media and I also host meet & eats as part of the Mental Health Muscle team. If you have any questions or want to know more about my journey, send me a message on Instagram @mentallyfitsam

Emma Storey-Gordon

Talk: Building muscle and losing fat
Emma has a science background with a degree in Applied Sport Science, after which she worked in diabetes and cardiovascular disease research. Nowadays, Emma works as an online coach helping people get healthier, happier, fitter, stronger and more confident.

‘I work with people to help them look, feel and perform their best. It is a pretty cool job.’

Emma has almost 10 years experience in the fitness industry, doing everything from cleaning treadmills to fitness modelling and now speaking at expos and events internationally.

Sheona Lindsay

My name is Sheona Lindsay, and I am a sports massage therapist and personal trainer living and working in Edinburgh. I established an excellent understanding of the human anatomy from my honours degree that specialised in sports injury rehabilitation. I promote mobility, administer deep tissue massage and focus on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles in all my clients.