Gluteybands – 3 Pack Bundle

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Our glute band are designed with high quality, non-slip fabric, that will help you to build strength, improve flexibility, correct bad form, or sculpt muscle tone, The glute bands force your muscles to work harder, increasing muscle activity, growth, and function.

They are perfect for leg and glute exercises, stretching, home workouts, pilates and yoga.

Key Features:
  • Anti-slip design with our latex blend on the inside of the band
  • Anti-rolling thick material
  • Manufactured from the strongest materials on the market
  • Available in 3 sizes to suit exercise and strength
Band measurement:
  • Light: Grey Length 16.5in Width 3.2in
  • Medium: Black Length 15.2in Width 3.2in
  • Heavy: Black and Stars: Length 14.2in Width 3.2in